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Horimiya Volume 1 Review

“Everyone has a side… they don’t show to anyone else.”

The popular Kyouko Hori doesn’t let anyone see her true plain-Jane, homebody nature. But that changes when she meets a striking boy with several tattoos and piercings that turns out to be her gloomy, assumed otaku and shut-in classmate Izumi Miyamura. How will they react to each other’s secret sides?


Horimiya is a wonderful little romance with a fantastic premise. Two high school students with home lives that are extremely different than the image they project at school stumble upon the sides of each other they never show anyone else. There are understandable, valid reasons why they’re reluctant to be themselves and these and other “real life” concerns and insecurities give them depth and make them extremely easy to relate to and root for. The deft touch with which everything’s kept realistic without getting bogged down or boring is impressive.

Overall the best word to describe Horimiya is sweet, and I look forward to learning more about Kyouko and Izumi and watching their relationship grow.




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