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Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends Volume 2 Review

“… just be there for me.”

This continues directly from volume 1 and is the middle volume of a three volume series. Best to start reading at the beginning.


Kaoru is still trying to handle the difficulties of having four girlfriends, including things like convincing them all to keep quiet about the relationship, avoiding having the girls run into each other, and getting to know each girl’s personality and desires. He also still feels extremely guilty about it all and tries his best to make all four happy, which keeps him somewhat likable and sympathetic.

Airi is still causing some trouble as she tries to undermine Kaoru and revert him to a “No-Lifer” so she can reap his soul, though the true center of this manga is the continual reveal of each girlfriend’s personality and Kaoru’s reactions. The girls have somewhat cliched hidden sides, but it’s all well implemented and adds as much dimension to them all as is possible in such a short series. That’s the only drawback: while nothing seems overly rushed so far, the pace is rather brisk and I have a feeling at the end I’m going to wish this ran a couple more volumes.

The humor continues to be largely based on ecchi situations, but it arises more or less directly from the characters and is pretty funny overall. In general the balance of comedy and “drama” is quite good.

Fun second volume for Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends. Will be interesting to see how it wraps up considering there seems to be a lot to address with only one more volume.

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