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Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends Volume 3 Review

“Wait… gotta breathe… lemme breathe…!”

This continues directly from volume 2 and is the final volume of a three volume series. Don’t start reading here. Go back to the beginning.


Wow, there’s a lot happening in this final volume. As I suspected, there was a bit too much left to address in just one more volume, and some aspects felt rushed. Another installment in the series would have been helpful in giving all the characters and plot threads their proper due. That said, this is still a strong finale for the series that packs some major surprises, provides a reasonable amount of closure to the main plot, and remains nicely character focused. Some things were predictable, but that just means they were foreshadowed and built well.

Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends retains the same feel right up until the end. While I wish certain aspects had been more developed, this ecchi comedy with an edge was quite good while it lasted.

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I liked it more than Love Hina. This was short enough not to overstay its welcome (almost too much so), all of the girlfriends seemed like equal love interests (as opposed to only one mattering), and the main char was less hapless / oblivious because it was his actions causing everything.

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