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Witchcraft Works Volume 1 Review

“Today’s Weather: Mostly clear skies with occasional school buildings.”

Honoka Takamiya is constantly just outside the sphere of influence of Ayaka Kagari, the class “Princess.” However after having his world turned upside down by being attacked by a witch at school, the shocks just keep coming as Ayaka reveals herself to be a witch herself… and his protector.


Total mixed bag from the get go here. There are interesting aspects, but the lack of explanation of the general situation and why Takamiya is important is already getting old. The over the top school worship of Kagari and the general atmosphere around her is amusing, but Takamiya so in over his head and has so little personality outside of being a target he becomes a cipher. The battles are fine, but Kagari is so powerful there’s little tension or drama. And so on. It’s just continuous sparks of potential almost immediately negated by the execution being all over the place.


Witchcraft Works has some potential and this initial volume ends with a particularly intriguing hook, but it’s flaws are rather apparent at this point. I’d be willing to try a little more, but I’m in no rush.

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