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Tohyo Game Volume 2 Review

The voting game continues as the surviving members of class 2-A grow increasingly paranoid and unhinged and try to figure out if there’s hope for any of them.




This installment builds directly off the tension and sense of dread achieved in volume 1. Things are getting a bit over the top as the game escalates, but there are interesting twists and turns within the established rules and framework. The suspense is kept high and the atmosphere still maintains a “no one is safe” feel as everyone freaks out over the increasingly dire situation. The art is still graphically brutal and gruesome, as appropriate to what’s happening. There are a couple of huge reveals in this volume, but what they really mean is unclear, including a huge cliffhanger going into the final volume.

Strong middle volume for Tohyo Game. I hope it can keep it up for the finale while providing a satisfactory resolution to the multitude of outstanding questions.

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